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WACCglobal du 19 juin 2017

WACC-SIGNIS European TV festival honours film portraying courageous monks who embrace change

By Stephen Brown on June 19, 2017
WACCglobal du 19 juin 2017
A television film dealing with how eight Dutch monks remaining in a monastery originally built for 120 decided to move to Schiermonnikoog, an island in the north of the Netherlands, has been awarded the prize of the international jury at the 19th European Television Festival of Religious Programmes in Paris.

With “well-chosen characters, it addresses universal topics: the courage of accepting and embracing change, trusting the future … and a documentary style based on emotional visuals, » said the president of the jury, Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria) announcing the prizes on 16 June at the end of the three-day festival.

Schiermonnikoog (The Island of the Monks), written and directed by Anne-Christine Girardot for the Dutch KRO-NCRV network, portrays eight monks left in the Sion monastery as they contemplate that their community may cease to exist. They instead decide to move to Schiermonnikoog, whose name means Island of the Grey Monks. More than 500 years ago, before the Reformation, novices worked on the island in their grey habits, but the eight monks are confronted by turmoil, doubts and fear as they leave their long-established community for a new future.

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